• IOPE Bio Anti-Wrinkle Serum With Retinol 1.35fl oz/40ml


IOPE Bio Anti-Wrinkle Serum With Retinol 1.35fl oz/40ml


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Night time wrinkle care serum that improves even deep smile lines with Bio-Retinogenic™ ingredients.

  • The enhanced Bio-Retinogenic™ improves loose and wrinkled skin from the base by making skin healthy and promoting the vitality of skin's own collagen overnight.
  • Hyaluronic Force™, which does not disintegrate easily, smoothens skin as it becomes quickly absorbed into the skin.
  • The Skin Mimic formula delivers rich moisture and elasticity to skin with its improved absorb-ability into the skin.


  • If you are using products with retinol for the first time, use every other day for the first 2 weeks. From the 3rd week, use it every day.
  • For nighttime care, apply an appropriate amount (0.1ml) of essence on skin around the eyes and mouth and on the neck where wrinkles form easily.

Country of Origin

Made in Korea

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