• Feather Flamingo Eyebrow Touch-Up Razor, 3 Pieces


Feather Flamingo Eyebrow Touch-Up Razor, 3 Pieces


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Feather Flamingo Eyebrow Touch-Up Razor is the perfect precision touch-up tool for your eyebrows. Platinum-hardened Japanese stainless steel provides long lasting use. The Safety Guard adds an extra measure of protection for your skin. The resin coats the blade to provide a gentle, smooth shave. The Flamingo Folding Design stores ideally for easy travel. Create a clean canvas for cosmetics with Feather Razor. Look your best!


Before trimming, apply facial cream or soap on desired area. Refrain from razor use if pimples or other skin conditions occur.

After use, wash razor with water and store it in a dry place. Avoid wiping the blade's edge as it may dull the blade prematurely. Blade is coated to maintain sharpness.

CAUTION: Razor is very sharp. Be careful when handling and storing. Keep out of reach of children.

Country of Origin

Made in Japan

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