• IOPE Super Vital Serum Extra Concentrated 1.35fl oz/40ml


IOPE Super Vital Serum Extra Concentrated 1.35fl oz/40ml


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A revitalizing essence that intensively enhances the skin's vitality with its unique powerful antioxidant DYNAMIC SYSTEM™

  • Powerful complex components of an antioxidant dynamic system fill the skin with antioxidant energy for enhanced skin vitality.
  • The now-more powerful Amento flavone component and derivatives naturally obtained from amino acids enhance the skin's moisture and suppleness, which makes the skin firmer.
  • Human body-friendly water-soluble polymer components keep moisture twice more powerfully than hyaluronic acid, and micro soft lift capsules form a skin protection film that makes the skin moist and glossy.


After applying lotion in the morning and in the evening, pump the serum 2-3 times and gently apply on the forehead, cheeks, and chin.

Country of Origin

Made in Korea

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