• O HUI Age Recovery Super Anti-Aging Essence 1.5fl oz/45ml


O HUI Age Recovery Super Anti-Aging Essence 1.5fl oz/45ml


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O HUI's proprietary ingredient Baby Collagen ™ helps restore Type3 collagen and diminishes visible signs of aging and drastic environmental changes.

Elasticity + Anti-wrinkle + Ultra super moisturizing double care

O HUI Age Recovery Super Anti-aging Essence is a highly concentrated collagen essence that helps to diminish the wrinkle and fine line appearance contained exclusively formulated skin rejuvenated medium, dermal stem cell recombinant culture fluid rHDSCP™. This enriched essence helps the skin turns back in time and rejuvenate skin cells in becoming baby soft again. Also contained Type3 collagen, the “secret collagen”, one of the 27 collagens, which is responsible to soften up the skin, reduce wrinkles and boost elasticity. keep your skin hydrated and dramatically reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles in a remarkable speed.


Pump twice and apply evenly along the skin texture. Use your two hands to lightly tap your face for better absorption.

Use before using emulsion in the order of cheek->forehead->chin->nose

Country of Origin

Made in Korea

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