• CALLAS Point Shading Brush (CMB08)


CALLAS Point Shading Brush (CMB08)


$ 8.00 USD




It is made up of natural weasel hair which helps apply naturally and flawlessly around the eye area. The Callas Point Shading Brush is used to apply eyeshadow near the lash line. This brush is used to create color around the eyes. This smaller sized brush is used to create a more define color around the lash line to give the eyes a more precise and sophisticated look.


Hair Diameter Hair Length Metal Length Handle Length Total Length
6pi 6mm 36mm 120mm 162mm


Apply an appropriate amount of shading powder on the brush, shake away any access powder and gently touch up on the area around the eyes.

Always keep your brushes clean. Use soap and warm water to clean. Place on flat surface to dry.

Country of Origin

Made in Korea

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