• Su Wall Luxury Hair Color Cream (5S - Natural Brown) 120g+120g

Su Wall

Su Wall Luxury Hair Color Cream (5S - Natural Brown) 120g+120g


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  • Lack of ammonia additives lets you color comfortably without the unpleasant odor.
  • Olive oil and jojoba oil compliments the unsurpassed shine.
  • Traditional oriental medicinal extract (ginseng, iris, unshelled grains of adlay, CNIDII RHIZOMA, Sophorae Radix, licorice roots) ingredients minimize the stimulation when coloring and protects the scalp and hair against various external stresses.
  • Cuttlefish ink enhances the gray hair covering and black bean extracts, silicon and mineral oil maintains the softness of hair for an extended period of time.


1. Put on supplied vinyl gloves. Open cap on 1st bottle and make a hole on the tip. (2nd bottle is not blocked so it can be opened easily.)
2. Mix required amounts from the 1st and 2nd bottle in a ratio of 1:1 into a container. (After mixing, the remainder cannot be reused. Unmixed portions can be used later.)
3. Make sure to use the gloves provided. Apply mixture on hair lightly, massaging it through your hair. (Apply from grey-white hair first)
4. Leave about 25-30 minutes. (Leave gloves on) *When the dye gets on your skin (face, neck, ear etc), promptly wipe away with a wet towel or wet cloth.
5. With the gloves still on, rinse with water until all of the dye is extracted from hair. Once the is all out, shampoo hair and rinse thoroughly. (Take care not to get rinsed water in eyes.)
6. After rinse, dry hair thoroughly to prevent transfer of color to clothes or other fabric. *The outcome of hair color will be different according to hair condition, original hair color, indoor temperature, and coloring duration. (if indoor temperature is low, extend the leave time a few more minutes.)

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Made in Korea

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